Our Teachers

We hand-pick each of our teachers ensuring that they not only have the necessary qualifications, skills, experience and passion; but that distinctive flare that only great teachers possess.

Our teachers will prepare and provide course material and notes for students that are designed to support past exam papers. We don’t hand out stacks of a top mark sample answers for students to study and regurgitate. Instead, we aim to enhance a students understanding so that they are best equipped to answer the questions.

We cater to students of all abilities, from those struggling to pass to those pushing for top results, and keep our student to teacher ratio low to ensure a level of attention that is unmatched in this space.

Claire Nic Ruairí

Irish & French Teacher – Leaving Cert Higher Level & Junior Cert Higher Level

Claire Nic Ruairí is an Irish and French teacher with over 9 years experience. Her teaching experience also includes having taught in Gaeltacht colleges. Furthermore, Claire is an Irish oral Leaving Certificate examiner and has been correcting written French Leaving and Junior Certificate exams with the State Examinations Commission for 4 years.

Claire will focus on developing the core skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking and will enable students to confidently tackle Leaving and Junior Certificate examinations and to strive reach their full individual potential.

Claire will examine popular themes in written Irish and French papers in her classes and provide sample written answers, as well as grammar notes and useful phrases for writing. Claire will also cover a range of predicted topics for 2017 papers. Classes will also cover reading and listening papers and students will be provided with glossaries of key phrases. Literature topics will be covered during the Full Day Revision Course.

Sarah Brennan

English Teacher – Leaving Cert Higher Level & Junior Cert Higher Level

Sarah Brennan has 12 years experience teaching English to Leaving Certificate Higher Level and has spent 4 years correcting with the State Examinations Commission and with Dublin Exam Board, Examcraft. Sarah will be using her experience with the State Examinations Commission to help students maximise their potential. She will be placing significant emphasis on exam technique, time management, mark weighting of each individual question and analysing past trends while also giving samples of best exam practice.

Sarah describes her teaching style as engaging and lively, but with an exam orientated focus. Given that both papers carry equal marks, Sarah will break the courses into Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Sarah believes that past exam papers are an integral part of preparing for exams as students gain more confidence when they have practiced past paper questions.

Michelle Brady

Maths Teacher – Leaving Cert Ordinary Level & Junior Cert Higher Level

Michelle Brady has been teaching exam classes for many years and is experienced in giving grinds and group block revision classes with great success to both Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students. Michelle has graded mock papers and is confident in her ability to prepare students for exams through the use of past exam papers and marking schemes as she is familiar with the standards expected.

Michelle believes exam success is strongly rooted in excellent exam skills and this is integral to her teaching. Having worked for the NCCA, Michelle is up to date with the current Project Maths syllabus and believes that problem solving skills are crucial to excellence in Maths. Michelle is highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about education.

Michelle describes her teaching style as student centred ensuring that students are confident in their ability and can achieve the highest grade for them individually.

Michelle will prepare a set of revision notes which will cover both Paper 1 and Paper 2 followed by sample exam questions on each topic. Michelle will also teach skills and techniques for students to answer the context and applications style questions which are often difficult to predict and students typically struggle with as a result.

Paul Tynan

Spanish Teacher – Leaving Cert Higher Level

Paul Tynan is an experienced TEFL teacher and Director of Studies where he structured and taught intensive exam preparation courses. Paul will focus on the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking explicitly in the context of the exam.

Paul describes his teaching style as communicative and collaborative. His core technique is to encourage students to practice and explore grammar and vocabulary related to each part of the paper as much as possible, tailoring and adapting his methods to suit his students. This method of practice and repetition compliments each section of the exam giving students a strong overall understanding of the language.

Paul will prepare sample written responses, notes with useful phrases and vocabulary, and provide a grammar booklet for each student.

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